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Everyone has a story. So do us. It started during the pandemic; we saw people around us grappling for oxygen. A resource provided freely by Mother Nature was costing people’s lives. Those COVID episodes moved us and GiftO2 was born. Masks and hand sanitizers are not the only things that we need to be safe today. Clean and healthy air will also keep us disease free. We all desire to build our own healthy garden, but the lack of infrastructure does not allow us. We aspire to help you build your own mini garden, inside and outside.
Join us in the revolution of making the Earth green again!

Our Mission

An age old saying — Health is Wealth is our Mission. This cannot be insisted enough especially during the current times. We want to ensure good health for everyone, ranging from different costs to myriad of species. We ensure that you are provided with the best plant(s) for all occasions and reasons. We cater your specifics and demands. From kitchen garden essentials, best indoor plants as per the season suited for Indian climate to wide varieties of pots are just few examples of solutions provided by us. We believe in sustainability; nothing is more sustainable than our very own GREEN FRIENDS. Don’t wait any long to choose what is best for you and your loved ones.

Why Most Of The People Choose Us

Our Vision

To spread green revolution and purify the earth

Quality Products

We are serving reputed five stars hotels and corporates offices since fast five years because of our best quality products.

Perfect Service

For the best selection of office gift options, turn to Gift02 We make shopping for plants for a home or office quick and easy with our extensive assortment of orchids succulent plants, green plants and more

100% Natural

Use of bio-fertilizers to enhance the plant growth is better idea Number of reports are there showing the effect of Bio-agents, enhancing the plant growth Athough enhancement is not such as chemical fertilizers but enough to avoid the chemical

Customer Focused

We offer customer choice plantary through our website and give more greenery

Environmentally friendly

We are commited to the use as many of our packing materials as possible when packing materials are no longer reusable we make a point of recycling them Waste paper? No Way!

Shop Various Useful and Decorative bunch of plants avaliable at Gifto2

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